This album appears to have been done by a creative musician with a literary level that allows the formulation of lyrical themes that match and enhance the spirit and feeling of the music. At times, listening was an emotional experience.

Once created, music has to be sung, arranged and accompanied in such a way as to evoke the music's emotion and beauty as such it must be properly engineered. This album achieves that. There are no choirs or symphony orchestras, yet the music is sometimes grandiose with depth. The accompaniment arrangements always seem to "fit" the theme as well. To anyone who thinks the music is a "throwback", I say good music will live forever and this is good music.

I don't normally buy just any CD, but I bought this one and have been listening to it many times, because there are so many ways to enjoy this whole package. This is the type of album, featuring audiophile quality, that someone who likes music ranging from semi-classical to soft rock certainly should buy and not simply download. MP3 won't do it justice.

I am already eagerly awaiting a second album. I don't think this musician will remain unknown for very long. Highly recommended. It is 62 minutes of delight.

All 16 original songs could be packaged into a successful Broadway musical with tunefulness exceeding any Sondheim.
In its entirety,the album is a journey from the simple to the dramatically intense. One must look beyond the voice alone and focus on both musical and recording quality, the lyrical messages, and good diction. It is unusual these days for one individual to be doing production, original compositions, lyrics, vocals and instrumental arrangements by oneself resulting in professional and enjoyable results. This is not an easy task. You will be quite satisfied with this album if you like ballads.

We not only enjoy this great musical presentation, but we also admire and appreciate Clay McCord's creative musical talent. A musical experience well worth the money..

"Listening to the newly released CD by Dr. Clay McCord takes one on a journey back in time--to the golden era of the ballad in the 60s & 70s. McCord...covers a wealth of genres from rock to country western, too. But its strength is a blend of vocals, keyboards and instruments that unify the pieces. It is not that the vocals or any one instrument stands out, but they meld into a unified group of relaxing, easy listening music..."

"I waited to listen to this lengthy album until I had a long enough drive. Then I could listen to the entire CD in one sitting. Loved it! With all the "crap" on the airwaves these days, it's a real treat to hear some "real" music again from our generation, composed and played very professionally I might add."

Clay McCord has taken his wonderful first CD, replete with his original music and lyrics, and taken his talent to the next level in Return of the Ballad II--New Horizons. He and his lovely wife, Ya Liu, have worked together on both his releases, and make a wonderful team on this labor of love.

Being an older "baby boomer" I have been looking for new and original music from our generation for quite some time. I had grown tired of artists and bands just rehashing past successes. Clay is a bright new entry on the music scene and I am happy I discovered his talents put to music.

Highly recommended to those of you in he same musical rut I found myself in several years ago.Discover Clay McCord and his music.

For my tastes, I hope this album marks the beginning of a trend in the 21st Century of decent, non-formula & imaginative music that CAN be contemporary, yet classical. Why is it that there are no more beautiful ballads out there? I think the last one was theme from Titanic, and like that ship, music quality has sunk and disappeared. Even new albums from artists like Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, or Josh Groban have been musically, not artistically, sub par. Streisand is only doing oldies. Is it that no one is creative any longer? Is it that no one is formally educated, trained, or disciplined in music? Is it that no audience is simply paying attention anymore? I sure hope this album has started a trend that changes where music has been heading the past decade or more. I AM paying attention. Maybe if CDs like this one had ALL good new songs on it instead of just one or two, CDs would sell better!!

---Ron Earl

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