Occasionally I watch talented celebrities interviewed and sometimes either learn from their philosophy or have my own viewpoints validated. In the case of Sarah Brightman, she once observed that many singers such as herself, do not wish to emphasize the vocal aspect of the music but rather the music itself. The voice is only an instrument or vehicle. But the public is just the opposite. They wish (as did my engineer) to emphasize the voice. It is also quite remarkable that in her prime she chose very incredible music for her vehicle and had great talent / producers behind her. Many great talents are not so fortunate and fall by the wayside b/c they had no great music at their disposal.

The most remarkable artists furthermore, including pianist Lang Lang or the late tenor Luciano Pavarotti, or a BB King, truly experience the music. It is obvious that they are very involved in their performances aside from being complete perfectionist geniuses. There is no case of nerves b/c the music is the entire focus. They wish the audience not to reflect on their incredible technique, but rather experience the music with them, hopefully in the same way. Music is always subject to interpretation which helps distinguish artists with otherwise equal talents from one another. In some instances the interpretation may be superior to what the composer intended.

It would therefore appear that the BEST musicians with talent are about the music and not about themselves. It seems that in much of TODAY'S pop music performances, the less the talent, the more outrageously it is presented & about the performers, not the music--just the opposite of what it should be.

Next, David Foster once remarked in one of his lectures to budding songwriters that if one is capable of performing as well as writing, do both and do as much of the production as you can. That was a message well-taken.

Finally, others besides myself have said that it is better to create (or choose) for YOURSELF than for what you think the market desires. The reason?  Much of today's music is formulated, not really created--hardly the kind of product to become immortalized. In that context, I use the example that many people laughed & scoffed at ABBA's music but w.r. to immortality, they had the last laugh. Listen to any oldies station and you will find immortality in music. Much of it won't come from today's music unfortunately.


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