Music has power, so as an art form certainly has something going for it. It can turn depression into happiness, anxiety into reassurance, agitation into calm, hate into love. Get a group of strangers into a concert and many may leave as friends. I don't see many fights in discos where people are dancing! I especially see intense involvement in many European concerts where the audience shows incredible emotion. How great it is if music can stir you to cry. There is much to be said for European culture where music is preserved. We know that good concerts, no matter the genre, can be communal experiences--even without pot!! I watched a concert by Andre Rieu the other night on you tube and he even had mentally retarded / handicapped performing. The smiles on their faces and emotion in the audience was priceless & undoubtedly provided them with a lifetime of memories. I realized, then, that music can also be spiritual. Those who have music missing from their lives will seriously have a void therein. Of course, if you've never had it, how can you miss it? 

In college I was intrigued by the concept of Religious Existentialism which, although it defines life as a struggle that is often doomed to failure, emphasizes the concept that we should attempt to experience the "divine" while here on earth. It seems to me that music is part of that experience. It was no coincidence that much classical music in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries was based on liturgical themes.

So while the love of music is a blessing, it is unfortunate that few buy CDs anymore. CD albums should be like paintings--unique and taken as a whole. B/c too many record companies/artists place only a few good songs on their CDs and the rest is crap, people have become disillusioned with them. The mp3 players are also a lot more portable, and even though the playback systems lack fidelity, most young folks don't know the meaning of fidelity. Most DO have car stereos so there's hope.

I guess the true music lovers will find a way, because technology will provide enough choices to get us through the forest and the fog.

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