For 60+ years, having been schooled in the classics, I have been exposed to American pop music. From 50's rock & roll, to the folk music & evolution of the 60's Beatles, to Sir Elton John or R&B in and of the 70's, the genius creations of Jim Webb & David Foster, the extraordinary divas such as Whitney Houston or Celine Dion among others, I have been emotionally moved. Just as a stable government has to be grounded in the Constitution, musical creations are best grounded in classical training. This is why the decades of the 60s & 70s were so successful--especially in Britain. 
Now it can be seen that cultural tradition & formal training have gone by the wayside, replaced by unimaginative formulas. As a result culture & music quality suffer & so does a "constitution-less" government. No matter the reasons for it, and there are many, this is a fact. So, not surprisingly my new upcoming album is entitled BRING BACK MUSIC. This is not about hubris, but rather a campaign to simply get people enjoying the organic & spiritual nature of music AGAIN. To get people immersed in music is a crusade and not about seeking fame. I made the choice long ago not to pursue a musical career but also realize maybe I can now play a small part in bringing back music. I know, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." We'll see.
But just in case the horse doesn't want to drink, if everyone enjoyed & listened to music there would be fewer wars, riots, chaos & hate. It might even add to one's longevity. So, think it over.

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